Due to the fast development of technology, even clothes today are being created from a specialized kind of materials. The UV heat jumper is amazingly cool and hot because it can protect you against the harmful UV rays from the sun and at the same time can warm your body if you will wear it during the cold season. Whatever kind of sport you love to play, the shirt will definitely provide you an excellent protection.

Protection under the Sun

The shirt has a specialize material that guarantees you to have an ultimate UV protection. It has UPF protection rating of more than 50+. Staying under the scorching UV rays of the sun can cause you to have sunburns or if you are unfortunate, skin cancer. You don’t have to risk your good health just to play your favorite sport under the sun. You just have to find and wear the right clothes like this UV heat jumper.

Protection in Cold Season

The UV heat jumper is made from a high tech fiber that allows your body to keep warm. Even if it’s cold, your body still sweats because it needs to achieve homeostasis or balance. It will produce heat to counteract the cold temperature outside. What is great about the UV heat jumper is that whenever you sweat, it will take in the moisture and it will retain the heat that it absorbs. Don’t worry because it will not be too hot, it will just maintain the right amount of heat needed by your body. This is all happening because of the high tech fiber used to create the shirt.

Sports and UV Heat Jumper

Knowing that the shirt can protect you under the sun, it can be worn whenever you want to play your favorite outdoor games like tennis, golfing, horsing, cycling, soccer, badminton and others. Don’t worry about its long sleeves; it will not prohibit your movements because it is stretchable that allows you to move freely.

On the other hand, the shirt is also doing well in winter sports such as hockey, skis, snowboards and others. Providing you the sufficient warmth you need, it allows your muscles to function efficiently and coordinately without prohibiting your movements.

Fashion for UV Heat Jumper

The UV heat jumper can be worn whatever the season is. Having the capability of wearing it anytime, the shirt can be worn effortlessly. It can be worn with other kinds of bottoms and shirts depending on the season. Due to its collar and long sleeves, you can add a vest to help you make it a semi-formal look if you are going to a party or whatsoever. If you are just going to the malls or parks during summer, you can just wear it with shorts and then raise your sleeves to make it three-fourths. This will keep you looking cool and as well as your temperature.


Nothing can beat the astonishing style and protection of the UV heat jumper. If you need a sports wear, casual wear or semi-formal wear, the shirt will do well and will show your handsomeness because of its simplicity, but stylish.