Polo shirts for woman are being famous nowadays. The kind of shirt is so useful because it is simple and can easily pair with any kind of bottoms and shoes with just the right color to choose. Megaau has their polo shirt that doesn’t only good for your fashion, but also protects you when you wear it.

The UV Sun Safe Polo Shirt is best when it comes to shielding you from the harmful rays of the sun that may cause skin cancer because it has a material that has 50+ UPF sun protections. The shirt acts as a UV shield that protects you whenever you are exposed from the rays of the sun.

This UV Sun Safe Polo Shirt is made from a unique microfiber. These microfibers are well-selected that is why the shirt is soft, tough, and absorbent. The characteristics of the shirt make its wearer feel comfortable and relaxed. Although its absorption is great, it is quick-drying that makes the wearer feel dry and cool even though she sweats. It is really good to wear during summer.

Because the polo shirt is comfortable to wear under the sun, a lot of athletes are making it their sports attire. In fact, if you will notice the people who are horsing, playing tennis, soccer and table tennis, they wear polo shirts, instead of other kinds of attire. They can move well because their elbow joints are not disturbed by a long sleeve shirt. Another is that the shirt is just right for the body in order for it to function well. Adding up, the mentioned sports are just some, there are others that adopt these kinds of shirt because they are simple, stylish and suitable for the sport.

When it comes to fashion, the UV Sun Safe Polo shirt is also not out whatever the season is. It can be effortlessly worn because its simplicity is really the best. You don’t need to be conscious with what you need to pair with it because it is very flexible. It can be worn whatever your bottom is. You can wear it with shorts, jeans, yoga pants and others! But be sure that the things you will combine with the polo shirt are not too girly.

Wearing the UV Sun Safe Polo Shirt shows your sporty looks and not the girly looks. Although they are worn like that, girls can still look very charming. Some love to wear it with skirts and then pairing it with a very cute boots. It can easily be paired because you have lots of colors to choose from. You can easily divert your looks depending on the occasion you are going because of its versatility.

Protection is really far more important than what you look on your outfit. But, if one can protect herself, at the same time look very adorable, then it is really a good thing for her. UV Sun Safe Polo Shirts protects you at the same time reveals your hidden beauties. Whatever it is, looking simple is really the best.