Just love my new Mega T and long sleeve shirts. Not only do they feel nice and comfortable on, the sun/UV has really been kept away from my skin. I haven't come across such practical all-sports gear like this before. I would recommend Mega sports gear, to anyone involved in outdoor sports
Giselle Madigan
Date: 19th Dec 2012
Mega clothes - they’re very different – unique, stylish and nice feel
Andrew Mevissen
Date: 27th Sep 2012
I have worn and I like the material of the Mega POLO shirt, it’s very comfortable and easy to play golf in. I want to test again on a hot day as when I played it was late in the afternoon and a little cold.

I really like the sleeves they are excellent and handy, I would like to buy a few different colours from you
Gavin Gereaux
Date: 13th Sep 2012
I wore the long sleeve, brown Mega top to the Blue Mountains on Sunday and was pleased to find it kept me comfortable throughout my bush walking. I wore a cashmere sweater outside the Mega top and yet I was not sweating or too hot during my walk.
I would definitely get another top in ready for the snow next time. :O)
Anne Pham
Management Accountant
Estee Lauder Companies
Date: 11th Sep 2012
I tried the clothes and it felt great, so very light. My husband said the Mega clothing was great as well. We are taking it to Africa with us so I will tell you what it is like after the trip as well
Natalie Markovic
Direct Sales Executive
24 Artarmon Road (PO Box 27)
Willoughby NSW 2068
Date: 13th July 2012
I simply love the Mega shirt for its design and, most important, protecting me from the sun during my hike. It's cool enough for a hot long walk or being at the tennis court! It's so comfortable as well as attractive that i found myself wearing it in all sport occasions. Also, they wear and wash well which is another good thing to contribute to my highly recommendation
Huy Ngoc Dang
Project Manager
Direct Flights International Pty Ltd
Date: 15th June 2012
I’m wearing the pink v neck Mega shirt today to work. Though it’s not the cool material it did take from my house to the office to warm up inside my coat.
Anne Pham
Management Accountant
Estee Lauder Companies
Date: 14th June 2012
Congratulations to Mega Golf!
It is great to wear your excellent product of “ Ice Cotton” T shirt. It is comfortable and smooth. I am happy to wear it with my outdoor sports activities. So cool to having it while I do my fast walking along the Sydney South Coast, never worrying about sweat and sun, simply because Mega stuff has those quality features. Good Work Mega Golf team, Keep it up!
My daughter and wife likes Mega too, we do cycling together. Hope Mega will have more sports series coming up.
John Dong
Senior Account Executive
SBS Direct Sales
Date: 12th June 2012
Forgot to say I really like the pink Mega top. It’s different material and fits me very well. I will buy it off you. For luck. From now on I will wear your brand as my exercise clothes.
Anne Pham
Management Accountant
Estee Lauder Companies
Date: 6th June 2012
“I wore both garments during the week and I have to say that I was very impressed. They are both very comfortable and have both washed extremely well. I would be more than happy to give a recommendation on both products.”
John Geraghty
Business Development Executive
Serviced OfficesInternationl
Date : 10th May 2012
"I have tested the skivvy and arm sleeves. For walking the skivvy was great , it felt cool and was a great protection as the sun was hot at the time and I would wear it again. What is great for running as well as walking is the sleeves. They were great ,fitted well and were good for the sun protection."
The sizes -
Skivvy Medium - perfect size
Pink sleeves - fitted well
Blue sleeves - One blue sleeve was more loose and rolled down a little when running.
Glenda Prudius
Client Relationship Manager
Sales and Marketing
Amadeus IT Pacific Pty Ltd
Date: 8th May 2012
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