Are you already confused in finding clothes that can warm you this cold season? Or maybe, protect you from the heat of the sun? Well, not anymore because Megaau introduces their fabulous "high tech crew neck" shirt for women. The high tech crew neck shirt is exceptionally amazing because it is made from spandex and modal cotton that will warm your days when you wear it. These two materials are the reason why your skin will feel comfortable as you wear the shirt. The shirt’s fabric is water-absorbent. As your body release sweat, it absorbs the fluid and converts it to heat immediately that gives your body the exact warmth it needs. So it will not be too warm that will irritate you even though it has long sleeves. Because it is expandable and fitted, it will follow your curves and will show the beauty of your body.

Unlike other rubber-based shirts, crew necks are made from spandex that is why it has a unique property of expanding up to 600% of its normal size and can return to its original dimensions without changes. It is also one of the reasons why it gives a comfy feeling and allows you to move with freedom.

It is not only for the cold season, but also for the day that you want to protect yourself from the UV rays of the sun. When you are playing sports like tennis, running, biking and others, (sports that are exposed under the sun) this shirt is really good for protection. You don't need to worry about your movements because the texture of the shirt allows your muscles to be relaxed and it also weighs very light. Your muscles will feel more comfortable because it keeps the muscles in place. It reduces the vibrations when your muscles contract that is why it keeps you stronger for a long period of time even if you execute continuous muscle contractions.

Of course whatever you wear, you want to look at your best. It doesn't only provide your body excellent support, but it also brings out the beauty in you. The crew neck shirt can be worn for all seasons and its simplicity is the best. It can be worn during your sports time, leisure time (casual wear), or semi-formal wear. Pairing the crew neck with jeans, shorts and whatever kind of bottoms will be good. Just remember to use a monochromatic color to give you an excellent look.

Don't worry about washing it because it is really flexible, but it will be still exhausted, but for a long period of time. Another advantage of this shirt is that they are wrinkle-resistant. Though you wash and worn them for many times, they can still be wrinkle-free. Adding up, you can wear it immediately without ironing it.

For best results in caring the item, wash them using a cold to lukewarm water. Furthermore, avoid using because it may just damage the flexibility of the crew neck.

Finding the right clothes is really hard, especially if you would like to look good. When it comes to sports, your garments will really affect your performance. Wearing "high tech crew necks" will not only boosts your performance as you play, but will also bring out your good looks. Moreover, it also protects you from the dangerous rays of the sun that may cause skin cancer.