Going in cold places and having a vacation is really a nice thing to do, especially in tropical countries that experiences a lot of heat. On the other hand, people who are regularly facing snowy days during the winter season are already usual to them. Wherever you belong in these two, you will go through a cold weather that is why you will definitely need some garments to warm up your body and be excited in the cold climate.

Megaau Vest Overview

The megaau vest is really good to wear if you want to enjoy the cold environment. The vest will keep you warm and protect you while having fun. It contains many extraordinary features that make it very special. The fabric that is used to it is non-toxic that is why it is very organic and it avoids the harmful effects on your skin. It also uses a breathable waterproof fabric, which is good for rainy seasons. The vest is also anti-static that can prevent electrical damages and as well as to prevent explosions in flammable gases and liquids when you are working on them. Lastly, it has extraordinary textile material that prevents it to be deformed.

Best about Breathable Waterproofs

There are various types of breathable waterproof fabrics. These are the 2-layer, 2.5-layer and 3-layer fabric. The megaau vest contains the most excellent one when it comes to protecting you, because it has the 3-layer fabric. The amazing thing about this is that, it resists water droplets coming from the outside and doesn’t allow it to enter the vest, at the same time it allows your perspiration to vaporize and be released in the exterior. The releasing process is made possible by the pores that allow passage of air. The air is the one that carries the water vapor to the external of the vest.

Megaau Vest for Winter Sports

The vest is really suitable for winter sports like skis, snowboarding and others. You cannot play these sports if your body cannot resist the cold temperature that is why you need something to warm your body and that is the megaau vest. Due to its thick fabric, it will keep your body warm and that is really vital for your muscles to function well. It allows your sweat to vaporize because of its breathable fabric, unlike other rubber-based vests that don’t permit your sweat to be excreted in the vest. For that reason, your sweat will be stuck and it is not good for your body.

Fashionable Styles for the Megaau Vest

Aside from protection, megaau vests are also good if you want to show your unique fashion. The vest comes in black and navy blue that can easily be styled with other colors. Because the vest has zipper, you can either close it or open it depending on your choice of fashion. On the inside of your vest, you can wear a long sleeve shirt that will complement with the color of the vest. While on your bottoms, it is best to wear jeans that can also help to warm your body.