Do you love playing outdoor sports or any activity that stays under the sun, but you are worried because of the risk of having skin cancer due to the UV rays from the sun? You can definitely enjoy doing these activities under the sun without worrying anymore! Megaau’s shawl sleeves are really hot, but cool and protect you under the sun. Yes, you can wear long sleeve shirts or anything that covers your arms entirely, but it is not guaranteed that it really protects your skin.

When it comes to protection, it is really number 1! Why? Because the shawl sleeve blocks 99.9% of the UV rays coming from the sun and has 50+ UV protection factor. That is why your skin is so safe if you are wearing the megaau shawl sleeves, even if you stay under the sun for a very long time. Adding up, it has a unique fiber that creates UV filter. This UV filter also reduces the harmful UV rays from the sun and it protects shawl sleeves and as well as its wearer.

Because it has long sleeves, you may think that wearing it warms your body temperature, but surprisingly, it does not. In fact, instead of warming up your temperature, it reduces it up to 3 degrees! So your body is cooled because of its astonishing effect.

Due to its cooling effect in your body, it can have wonderful outcomes in your body, especially if you want to lose weight. When your body is cooling, it allows your brown fat cells to be activated to warm your body again. As your increases the body temperature, it needs to burn fat cells, therefore reducing them. Another thing when your body cools, your thyroid gland produces hormones that will increase the metabolic rate. Hence, more calories will be burned instead of storing them as fats that will increase your weight.

The megauu shawl sleeve is designed for people who frequently perspire. People who are wearing it feel comfortable, even though they are doing their favorite activity. It has quick-drying ability that releases the heat produced when you perspire. It also dries fast when you wash them this is why they are very useful, especially if you love travelling.

When you are playing your sport like fishing, golfing, cycling, climbing and others, it will not prevent your actions. As a matter of fact, it will still help you because it reduces the arm pressure. Not only that. But whenever there are arm pressures that hit you, it allows that pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the arms. For this reason, the risk of having injuries during the activity is also reduced.

The megauu shawl sleeve is really good for everybody. Even if you are not fond of playing sports, you can still use it to style differently and at the same time protect you under the sun. You can pair it with a shirt inside and a pants or shorts for your bottoms. If you want to look more girly and hotter, you may wear a dress and cover it up using the shawl sleeves. It has various colors this is why when it comes to styling, it is very flexible. So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own megaau shawl sleeves, now!